If you are seeking a health and safety advisor in Australia, we can offer a full array of services from our industry experts, ranging from providing safety management systems, risk management consulting services to the provision of on-site safety personnel.  We enable all our clients to achieve the highest possible best practice standards of work health and safety, ensuring current legislation is met and everyone in your organisation is properly protected. Benefit from our formal qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Auditing as well as hands-on trade experience.

Our services include:


We help to identify any knowledge gaps, or gaps in adequate health and safety procedures and work with you to help safeguard the safety of you and your employees and where necessary, provide mentoring.



We have worked with a variety of businesses ranging from multi-national mining companies to smaller "mum and dad" style businesses.  We strive to provide the best possible service and advice and ensure our client's needs are met.

Mackay Safety are leaders in Work Health and Safety consultation and provision of skilled Workplace Safety Consultants.


Workplace Health and Safety Management Consultants & Advisor



Established in 2004, Mackay Safety is a one-stop service for safety compliance, providing safety management consultants providing advice on systems and their implementation, independent audit and incident investigation.  We also offer expert review and advice on safety improvement strategies and are experts in recruitment of safety staff for major projects and secondments of safety experts to projects when required.

We provide professional, reliable health and safety advice aligned to current legislation and implement workable strategies which deliver proven improvements in safety performance.  We can be engaged on either a short-term advisory or longer-term, in-depth consultancy basis.

Our clients span all industries, including mining, construction, rail, ports and engineering, and range from small businesses to major multi-national corporations.  Based in Mackay, Queensland, we have the capability to deploy services anywhere throughout Australia to meet the needs of our clients.

We use our extensive knowledge to provide the best possible service and advice to ensure our client's individual needs are met, and that all industry standards are abided by.


SWMS & other Safety Compliance Made Simple


No matter what trade you are in, safety for you and your workforce is the top priority. And sooner or later, safety compliance paperwork for things such as Policy Statements and Safe Work Methods Statements (SWMS) is often needed as part of your job. Especially if you and your team wish to work on jobs from the corporate or government sectors.

At Mackay Safety, we eliminate the time and headache out of creating SWMS, Policy Statements, Procedures, Manuals, Plans and more. We offer a variety of cost-effective, ready-made, Australian regulation compliant templates which are simple to customise to your own business. 

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ESCO Mackay faced an enormous challenge in mid 2010: to document and implement a safety management system compliant with the requirements of AS/NZS4801:2008 within a twelve week timeframe in an unstable and hesitant environment. 


Our goal was to partner with a consulting company who would work within our existing systems while utlising our safety professionals to build knowledge and confidence in our people.  Right from the start, Mackay Safety Consultants impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. 


The resources supplied by Mackay Safety Consultants were of an extremely high standard, their extensive knowledge and experience in workplace health and safety and ability to coach and mentor made for a successful working relationship. Their visibility on site and availability afterhours far exceeded our expectations.  By partnering with Mackay Safety Consultants, we have been able to achieve compliant system to AS/NZS4801:008 as well as establish a sustainable safety culture for many years to come. 

Terry Dillon, Operations Manager​


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