Mackay Safety has been providing expert safety advice since 2004.  Although based in Mackay Queensland, we conduct work all throughout Australia.


At Mackay Safety we believe that safety forms the foundation for a successful and accountable business.  We recognise the importance of attracting, retaining and developing good quality employees.  With a culture based on high safety standards and continual improvement you can be assured that everyone involved in your industry project is working with this as their top priority.


Michael Storch

Michael Storch
Founder and Managing Director


Michael has been involved in Occupational Health and Safety for 15 years.  Being a qualified motor mechanic Michael’s applied experience has assisted him to take a practical approach to safety.


In October 2004 he launched his own safety consultancy business, Mackay Safety Consultants Pty Ltd.  This business started off with one consultant, (himself) and in a space of a few short years grew extensively and at times has employed over 35 people. 


Michael has been spending a lot of his time in the last few years working with exploration companies auditing their drilling operations.  This has seen him involved in many incident investigations, some of which were reported to the Queensland Government Mining and Safety Department.  In the spirit of raising the level of safety within the industry, he has written a guideline for surface exploration drilling activities (with input from major mining companies) and has provided this to the industry free of charge.