Safety Plan Consultants in Central Qld & Tender Writing Help in Central QLD

Protect your workforce with the help of expert health and safety consultants—Central Queensland

There is a great deal of industrial and agricultural activity within central Queensland.  Located near the mining hub, the Bowen Basin, with extensive farming and a strong local council presence, the region is lively and productive.

Experienced local experts – safety consulting in Central Queensland

At Mackay Safety, we have serviced central Queensland’s major towns such as Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, and Emerald since 2004.

Our safety consulting services are efficient, reliable, and always adhere to current safety standards.  Our role is to help you maintain these standards and keep your workforce as safe as possible.

Whether it’s small business, government, mining, civil, or local councils tender writing, Central Queensland business operators and owners can benefit.  We have a long track record of providing quality services for small and large businesses.

With a host of high-profile clients including Great Barrier Reef & Marine Parks, Sunwater Limited, BHP, Glencore, BMA, the regional councils of Mackay, Emerald, Gladstone and Rockhampton, we have established a firm, reputable presence in this part of the state.

Our safety services include:

  • Advice on all matters concerning safety in the workplace

  • Expert incident investigation

  • Safety Auditing

  • Risk management profiling

  • Safety management procedures and documentation

With our assistance, you can have peace of mind about remaining compliant with the always-changing safety regulations.  It’s about avoiding penalties for any breaches as well as protecting your workers.

Because ultimately, safety compliance helps to prevent accidents and casualties at workplaces.  Safework Australia statistics show that between 2014 and 2018, Australia-wide, Queensland had the second highest rate of worker casualties in the country. Let’s help to prevent this happening in central Queensland.

We have worked within central Queensland for many years, which is why we are a part of this business community. So you can be certain we will do the right thing by you.  We don’t take for granted our excellent reputation which has gained us many referrals.  Our customers know they receive a friendly, consistently high-quality service.

It’s important to be able to integrate the new safety practices into daily operations with minimum disruption.  We will work with you and your team to make the process easy for everyone to understand and utilise.

Despite our long experience, we are constantly updating our knowledge of safety standards according to the relevant governing bodies—both nationally and Queensland-based. Nationally, this is Safework Australia and within Queensland, Worksafe Queensland.

Working for you

When we work for you, we do a health check of your current safety profile and assess areas which may not be compliant or may require updating.  In steps, we document and help you implement the safety procedures necessary so they become an everyday part of your business’s health and safety culture.

Receive a complimentary quote and overview of the steps needed to get you started. Phone (07) 4944 1272 to discuss how we can assist you.

Take the guesswork out of tender writing

Are you tasked with writing a tender?  Uncertain how to proceed? Or simply don’t have the time?

Nowadays, more businesses and government organisations are inclined to put projects out to tender.  You may find this is becoming the main way of obtaining new business in your industry.  But tender writing can seem daunting if you’re relatively new to it—or hadn’t had much success with it in the past. 

Providing your core services skillfully is not the same as writing about them.  Those core skills must be communicated in the right way to pave the way to actually work on the projects you want.  Essentially, writing great tender bids is in itself a separate skill.

With competition for available tenders increasing, it isn’t enough to simply ‘wing it’.  Especially if the success of your business relies on it.  Putting out your best and communicating this clearly through the formal tender bid is needed to achieve your goal. 

There’s no longer a need for the pressure of writing a tender to weigh you down.  Now you can save time and take out the guesswork over what constitutes a great submission.  Let us help you address all requirements correctly and write your tender persuasively.

Outsource your tender writing to Mackay Safety, and get an expert in your industry with a proven record of success compile it for you.

Writing tenders of any-sized scope

Your tender may be for a multi-year large-team project involving complex business logistics.  Or it may be a much smaller one-off job.  Either way, we can write tenders for projects of any size.

If you like, we could only write that part of the tender relating to safety requirements.  What’s more, if your safety procedures and documents aren’t already in order, our safety services provide are a convenient way for us to step in and get these done.  We can then go ahead and write the safety part of the tender, knowing this is fully compliant and will give you a higher probability of winning the tender.

Maximise your chances of a winning tender bid

It is worth your while to hire an expert in tender writing.  Having someone with strong industry insights can mean a significant payoff: a much-needed project win for your business.  Particularly during challenging times, the prosperity and even survival of your business can be at stake.

We will make your tender bid the very best it can be to help it stand out from the rest.

Contact us on (07) 4944 1272 and let us know what tender writing or safety issues you need assistance with.  We can provide you with an indicative quote and discuss the way forward.  We look forward to making a positive contribution to your business.