Safety Consultancy Services in Emerald & Bid Writing Services Emerald

Now you can get your workplace safety in order from local professional safety consultants in Emerald

There is a flurry of industry activity around the service town of Emerald here in central Queensland.  There is coal mining in the Bowen Basin and extensive agriculture including grape, grain, cotton farming and the now-revived growing of citrus. 

Emerald is also home to the nearby Emerald Solar Park, a solar farm which generates as much as 72MW of electricity for the national market.

This is also a locality which Mackay Safety has been servicing for almost two decades.  We provide efficient, dependable and standards-compliant safety consulting—so you can be sure everyone at your workplace is kept as safe as possible.

Your professional safety consultants—Emerald

At Mackay Safety, we have reliably provided both small and large organisations with high standards in safety services. 

Business owners and operators like you can be assured they are compliant with constantly changing safety regulations by utilising our expertise.  This helps protect the workforce and prevents getting any penalties for breaches.

But ultimately, safety compliance is a powerful preventative measure against injuries and fatalities.  In the 5 years between 2014 – 2018 alone, Queensland was second only behind NSW as the state with the most worker fatalities?.

Our consulting services include risk management profiling, safety audits, safety management procedures and documentation, professional investigation of incidents, and advice on all aspects of workplace safety.

Local Experience

Because we have worked over time with many high-profile local businesses and government organisations such as the Central Highlands Regional Council, Glencore Australia, RMR Auto Electrics, BHP and others, you can trust us to maintain high standards and cater for local needs.

Being entrenched in the local community over time, you can be sure we will do the right thing by you too.  After all, our great reputation has earned us word of mouth referral within this locality. And we pride ourselves on our consistency.

Our business relationships have been built upon a mutual understanding and desire for the best outcomes. We aim to make it easy for our customers to integrate best practice safety practices into the day to day operations. 

Fundamentally, we have a thorough understanding of compliance across all the relevant safety standards.  This applies equally for those standards issued by the national governing body as well as the local, Queensland-based branch. 

Worksafe Queensland is the State-based branch which lays out industry-specific guidelines. Safework Australia  is the nation-wide governing body providing the overarching standards.

What is it like to work with us?

When we work for your organisation, you can anticipate a thorough investigation of your current safety profile.  We will assess any areas of deficiency and will implement, step-by-step, the necessary procedures until they form part of the health and safety culture of your business. 

We strive to make this process as non-disruptive and easy as possible so you and your staff can get on with work while keeping safe. 

All of our safety services are implemented with care and skill.  They are also cost effective. 


So go ahead and make a confidential, obligation-free enquiry.  We will provide a complimentary quote and an overview of what to anticipate.

Taking the worry out of Tender Writing

Do you have a tender you would like to submit but not sure how to write it well?  Or just don’t have the time to dedicate to it?

It is fast becoming the standard for most businesses and government organisations to put projects out through tender.  This is especially perplexing if you are used to gaining clients by other means.  Suddenly, you find yourself having to write out long tender applications.

With more and more competition in the field and limited tenders available, it isn’t enough to just wing it.  Skill, effort and ‘your best’ are required for your tender to stand out and make the final cut.

To avoid being culled, each and every requirement has to be addressed correctly and in a persuasive manner to make your submission a success.

Like most businesses, your greatest skill lies in providing your actual core services, rather than writing about them.  But what you do needs to be communicated properly, or you will not have the chance to secure those projects you really need. We recognise that writing outstanding tender bids is a separate skill set in itself. 

Writing tenders of all sizes

Tender writing no longer needs to rest on your shoulders, which takes a great deal of pressure off you. There is another way. Now you can save a lot of time and exasperation by outsourcing tender writing to an expert in your industry.  An expert with insights and a track record of success. 

We can work to any size project: your tender bid may be small and straight-forward, or large and encompass complicated business processes.

It’s also possible for us to write the section of your tender only related to safety requirements. 

And because we also provide safety consulting as part of our business, it’s a great chance for us to help you with any updates needed to your safety processes and documentation.  Without the complication of having to engage another professional to get these safety elements done. 

That is to say, we can first help you with your safety procedure obligations and then go on to write this into your tender.

To win a tender—what a boost for your business!

You will find it invaluable to hire a tender writing expert. Having someone with strong insights about your industry can mean a huge payoff: that coveted project win.  And getting a foothold in a new project can mean the survival and prosperity of your business, especially during challenging times.

Whether it’s mining, civil, government, local councils or small business tender writing, Emerald business operators and owners can benefit. 

Regardless of the size of your business, and regardless of the size of the tender, we can work closely with you to write your tender bid on your behalf.  We always aim to  increase the likelihood of your business being short-listed for and winning new work project.

For a strictly confidential chat and an obligation-free quote for tenders of any size, simply get in touch. 

Having had a foothold in the Emerald region since 2004, and specialising in industries subject to strict compliance requirements, our contribution to your business can be significant.   Call us on (07) 4944 1272 to find out what we can do for you.