Professional Health and Safety Advisor Rockhampton & Tender writing consultant Rockhampton

Get your workplace safety organised with an experienced local health and safety advisor—Rockhampton

As the main regional town of central Queensland, Rockhampton is bustling with industry, agriculture and tourism.  With the Bowen Basin nearby with its dozens of mines and the neighbouring Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (one of the biggest in Australia) along with the tourist attractions of the Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton is an employment hub.

It’s also a place where we at Mackay Safety have had a presence since 2004. We know that workplace safety is a high priority for people in every industry.  Our trusted safety advisors can get you up to speed on compliance, documentation and implementation.

Safety First

Being in charge of the safety of your workforce can be a burden.  It means keeping up with the changes in safety regulations and remaining compliant—both for your workers and to prevent penalties for breaches.

But at the core, safety compliance is all about avoiding mishaps and even casualties.  Many workplaces can pose a real risk to safety and to life.  In the period 2014–18, for instance, Queensland worker fatalities were the second highest in the country behind NSW.  It’s something to be avoided for a community such as Rockhampton.

Professional safety consultancy in Rockhampton

We offer safety consulting services that include risk management profiling, safety audits, procedure documentation and any advice on current workplace safety.

Having worked on many high-profile local businesses and government organisations in Rockhampton, we have gained the trust of this community.  Past clients include Sunwater Limited, Rockhampton Regional Council  (contractor collaboration), CQ Exploration, Schwarz Excavations and MEM Group.

So you can have the peace of mind we’ll maintain our usual high standards according to your unique needs.  Due to our positive reputation, we have received many word-of-mouth referrals in and around Rockhampton over the years.

Whether your business, organisation or department is big or small, at Mackay Safety, we can consistency deliver excellence in services.

Building relationships on mutual trust and understanding has underpinned our approach.  And while we strive for outstanding outcomes, we limit disruption to operations as the new safety practices become integrated into your business.

Keeping up with the latest safety compliance requirements and knowing how to implement them is something you can depend on us to do.  We work according to the relevant governing bodies both nationally and in Queensland: Safework Australia and Worksafe Queensland.

How do we work with you?

Initially, we observe and assess your current safety profile so we can note any areas needing improvement. We work with you to implement the required procedures so they can be readily integrated into your workplace as a normal part of the health and safety culture.

This is all about maximising the safety of you and your staff as you go about your day to day work.

After working with hundreds of customers since 2004, we understand how vital it is to make this as easy and non-disruptive a process as possible.

Our safety services are cost effective and carried out with care and with skill.

To get a confidential and obligation-free quote, please get in contact with us on (07) 4944 1272. We can give you an indication of the process and expected time-frames.

Tender Writing—without the stress

Perhaps you have a tender to write but aren’t confident with how to go about it. Or you simply cannot devote the time to do it.

Businesses and government departments are increasingly putting work projects out to tender.  If you are used to providing your services through other ways, this method of acquiring work may be frustrating.  Writing tenders may be a whole new territory for you.

Add to this competition over the tenders that do become available, and you’ll know that ‘just giving it a go’ may not be quite enough.  Your best must be showcased skillfully for your tender to be considered.

Every requirement must be appropriately responded to and done so persuasively to really make your submission the stand-out winner.

It’s not enough to carry out your services with great skill.  What’s needed is the skill to communicate this in writing.  Winning the job projects that you really want relies on it.

Any size Tender

The pressure is off.  A well-written tender submission no longer needs to panic you.  Because we are here to help.  By hiring an industry expert with a proven track record, you can save a whole lot of stress of getting the submission right.

Whether your tender bid is for a small job or for a large, multi-year assignment requiring complex business processes, we can accommodate your needs.

Or perhaps all you need is help with the safety requirement section of the tender.  We can do this too. 


And as safety consultants, if you need to tidy up anything to do with your safety processes or documents, we can assist with this first.  And once the safety elements are sorted, we then go on to write your tender for you.

Set yourself up for a successful tender bid

When you think of the possibilities a tender win could mean for your business, you’ll know it’s worth hiring a tender writing professional. 


That longed-for project win could finally be made possible.  And in these uncertain times, it could make a huge difference to the prosperity (or otherwise) of your business.

Whether it’s government, mining, civil or small business tender writing, Rockhampton business owners and operators can benefit greatly by outsourcing this to us.


We will work with you closely and grow the likelihood of your tender winning you new work.

Call us today on (07) 4944 1272 for a confidential discussion and an estimated quote.  We look forward to working with you soon.

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