Let's Talk About COMMON SENSE and Safety

Here's the thing, common sense is important, getting the job done efficiently and safely is important. I'm not here to debate that, at all.

Safety, when handled correctly, should do exactly that - take into consideration the common sense of your team and ensure you can get in and get the job done correctly.

Many people like to hide behind the idea that common sense keeps them safe, and that safety people are a waste of time.

However, I've been in way too many hospitals, talking to way too many families who have had those closest to them hurt. I can tell you those people who got hurt had common sense too.

Now you might not keep up on the legislation, after all, that's my job - but what it boils down to is this.

Safety is not "optional".

Common sense is not a defence.

Common sense does not pay the bills or the lawsuits when things go wrong.

If you want to hide behind common sense, I simply can't help you.

If you want your business to get the job done, meet your safety requirements and get on with doing your job, then maybe I can.

I'm not going to sit here and scare you with the threat of injuries and lawsuits.

Your safety plans are a requirement. Just like having a drivers license is a requirement.

If you don't want to follow the rules, that's your choice - and I can't help you in any way shape or form. I just hope someone close to you doesn't get hurt. As someone who's repeatedly been responsible for talking to worried family members at hospital, I don't wish that job on anybody

If, however, you want to do you job right INCLUDING your safety.... maybe I can help. Your safety management plans don't need to be a burden, or incredibly complex legal documents. Email me to find out how: mick.storch@thebulliongroup.com.au

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